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Testing devices and equipment

Testing devices and equipment

Devices and equipment testing

The device testing laboratory of PJSC “SIW” has been certified as a technically competent Device Testing Laboratory since 1996.

The testing laboratory offers the following services for testing of devices and equipment:
PJSC “Saransk Instrument Works” offers the services for testing products under laboratory conditions:

1. High and low temperature test. Temperature limits are -70 to +150°C.
2. Low temperature test. Humidity up to 98%.
3. Temperature variation test. Temperature is -70 to +150°C.
4. Atmospheric precipitation (hoar frost and dew) exposure test.
5. Dust and sand exposure test. Temperature is to +50°С.
6. Vibration resistance and strength exposure test.
7. Single-frequency sinusoidal vibration exposure test.
8. Repeated mechanical shock resistance test.
9. Single mechanical shock strength and resistance test.
10. Mechanical environment stability test under transportation conditions.
11. Electrical insulation resistance check.
12. Electrical insulation strength check. 

Испытание приборов

The test laboratory is accredited for technical competence by the Russian Federal Service for Accreditation. Certificate No. РОСС RU.0001.21ИСО4 dated 18.12.15. 

Certificate of Accreditation of the Test Laboratory

Scope of accreditation of the Test Laboratory

Contact person:

Ildar Maksutov, Head of the Test Laboratory. Tel.: (834-2) 29-64-60