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Tachometer sensors Д4, Д5

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Tachometer sensors Д4 and Д5 are used in magnetic induction tachometers intended for continuous remote measurement of the rotation speed of the engine shaft in systems of transport vehicles and special-purpose machinery.

Tachometer sensors are a three-phase AC generator with a permanent-magnet rotor.

Д-4 sensor is intended for operation with one measuring device, and Д-5 – for operation with two measuring devices.
General specifications

Tachometer sensors withstand vibration load at acceleration of 100 m/s2 and frequency from 10 to 200 Hz.

Voltage between every two phases of sensor Д-4, loaded with one measuring element, and sensor Д-5, loaded with two measuring elements, is within 10.5 to 12.5 V after one minute of operation at 3,000 rpm on 1:2 scale of the measuring element or 750 rpm on 2:1 scale of the measuring element.

Sensor weight is 0.98 kg as maximum.

Overall and attachment dimensions 

Датчики тахометра Д4, Д5