Membrane indicating draft gauges ТмМП-100-М1P, head gauges НМП-100-М1Р, draft-head gauges ТНМП-100-М1Р with radial nozzle version

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for measuring vacuum gauge and gauge pressure of air and nonaggressive gases.

Nowadays a measurement device generally intended to measure vacuum gauge or gauge pressure in one or another medium, is called a head gauge. Herewith, pressure in gaseous medium is more often measured using a head gauge.

There are differential head gauges, as well as draft-head gauges with membrane capsules – manufactured as equivalents of a standard head gauge. They allow measuring pressure not only in contaminated, gaseous media, but also in dry media.

Price of head gauges entirely depends on functional capabilities.

They are often used in modern industry: in gas boiler houses. In addition to head gauges, there can be other devices installed for measuring water, gas, heat supplied to reservoirs using pumps. All data from these very devices is transferred to the operator’s panel via so-called secondary measurement devices.

Thus, employees without leaving their workplaces receive all necessary data, that considerably facilitates their labor and makes the work of similar industrial facilities almost completely automated. In other words, relatively low price of head gauges НМП-100-М1Р facilitates the course of working process in general.

General specifications




Accuracy class




-0.4 to 0

0 to +0.4

-0.2 to +0.2


-0.6 to 0

0 to +0.6

-0.3 to +0.3


-1 to 0

0 to +1

-0.5 to +0.5

1.5; 2.5-1.5-2.5; 2.5

-1.6 to 0

0 to +1.6

-0.8 to +0.8

-2.5 to 0

0 to +2.5

-1.25 to +1.25

-4 to 0

0 to +4

-2 to +2

-6 to 0

0 to +6

-3 to +3

-10 to 0

0 to +10

-5 to +5

-16 to 0

0 to +16

-8 to +8

-25 to 0

0 to +25

-12.5 to +12.5

-40 to 0

0 to +40

-20 to +20

Overall and attachment dimensions 

     рис1. а ТММП-100-М1Р.jpg  рис.1 б ТММП-100-М1Р.jpg