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Production of process appliances

Production of process appliances

Design and manufacture of dies, molds and other process appliances

Public Joint Stock Company “Saransk Instrument Works” has powerful tool-making facilities, equipped with advanced imported high-accuracy CNC equipment manufactured by MITSUBISHI (Japan), HAAS (USA), etc., allowing computed-aided end-to-end design, from parts and processes to control programs used in manufacturing of attachments, and it also has standby capacities and can manufacture the following products for external customers:

- press dies for processing thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics;

- press dies for pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals;

- molds and chills for casting in skin-dry molds and conventional casting;

- blanking, bending, molding, and drawing dies for sheet die stamping;

- stamps for die forging;

- cutting and measuring tools;

- accessories for machining and assembly operations;

- dies, mandrels, guide rollers, gages, and other appliances, including for lines of foreign companies Proton, Rosendahl,Technocable, Caballe, Niehoff, Leimbach, Nextrom, manufacturing cable products and rolled wire;

- other process appliances used in various manufacturing processes.

In addition, PJSC “SIW” offers turning, milling and electro-erosion machining of parts using CNC machines. Maximum overall dimensions of products are up to 800 mm.

PJSC “SIW” shall also render such services as cutting of all metal types into blanks with maximum overall dimensions 450 х 600 mm, within the shortest possible time.

The price for products or service is to be negotiated. The lead time is from 1 to 3 months. If necessary, company specialists can help you to develop a tool design and a process procedure based on drawings or part specimens.

The company guarantees workmanship, timely manufacture, and uncompromising performance of any other contractual liabilities. All you need is to make a request by dialing any of the given telephone numbers or send your order via fax or email, and our employees shall contact you as soon as possible and provide you with all required information. 

Производство технологической оснастки  Производство технологической оснастки  Производство технологической оснастки  Производство технологической оснастки

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