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Welded steel diaphragm bellows

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Designed for operation as elastic sensible elements being a part of special machinery products.

Corrugations of a welded bellows are annular membranes with preset profile, connected between each other using argon-arc welding.

They have a range of considerable advantages over seamless bellows: a long working stroke, a long operational life, a minor rigidity range, etc.

Welded diaphragm bellows is manufactured in series.

Welded steel diaphragm bellows and their general characteristics

Sufficiently elastic corrugated envelopes more often manufactured of various metals, are called bellows. They can be seamless or welded.

Seamless bellows are manufactured of thin-wall tubes using mechanical or hydraulic methods. As to welded bellows, their manufacture is not accompanied by deformation of material, that’s why its selection as almost unlimited: this is stainless steel, alloys based on nickel, chrome or titanium.

Bellows design directly affects their manufacture technology. Thus, for instance, the technology for production of welded bellows is quite simple, compared to the production technology of seamless ones. However, at our plant you can purchase any required products.

Recently, welded steel diaphragm bellows have become very popular, as they can have various diameter and the required size of effective area. Moreover, wall thickness of welded bellows is maintained more exactly, than of seamless ones. Certainly, it has an effect on more precise calculation.

It is logical, that the better are welding properties of material, the higher is the quality of production procedure of initial discs for welded bellows. In this case, it is possible to manufacture corrugations of any required height.

But the main difference of welded bellows from those made of tubes, is the fact, that they are able to allow a higher deformation to a corrugation, i.e. to allow a higher crimping.

For industrial equipment, we recommend to use metallic bellows, as they combine leak-tightness with resistance to high pressure, as well as flexibility with a capability for high deformations with no loss of leak-tightness. Welded steel diaphragm bellows have undeniable advantages over other bellows.

More often, welded steel diaphragm bellows are purchased by the companies manufacturing various equipment.

At our plant we manufacture welded steel diaphragm bellows in compliance with all standards, that are at least equal, and sometimes superior to the imported equivalents. Herewith, our prices are much lower.

General specifications

Name, GOST, ТУ


ТУ В 25.2472.0066-88

35х30х0,1- I 20X13
where 35 is the bellows outside diameter, mm
30 – number of membrane pairs, pcs
0.1 –bellows wall thickness, mm
I – type 1 (inner diameter 22 mm)
35X30X0,1 –II 20X13
where II – type 2 (inner diameter 18.5 mm)

Bellows made of alloy 12х18Н10Т

inner diameter – 107 mm


inner diameter – 62.3 mm


inner diameter – 82.3 mm

inner diameter – 157.5 mm



1. Number of membrane pairs on bellows may vary depending on the customer’s requirements.

2. Bellows are manufactured with welded valves with the design complying the customer’s requirements.

3. It is planned to prepare production of multi-layer welded diaphragm bellows with a number of layers equal to 4.

4. We receive orders for manufacture of diaphragm bellows according to the customer’s drawings.

5. Welded diaphragm bellows have low rigidity, high elasticity, high resistance to varying loads and high longevity. Single-layer diaphragm bellows are particularly efficient when operating with low pressure and vacuum. Value of displacement is up to 80% of length, that ensures high compensating capability for welded diaphragm bellows.