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Pointer indicating differential pressure gauges ДСП-80 РАСКО,ДСП-80В РАСКО

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Паспорт ДСП-80 РАСКО

Разъяснения Росстандарта в части требований к приборам контроля перепада на турбинных и ротационных расходомерах - счетчиках газа

Информационное письмо ООО НПФ "РАСКО" о применении ДСП-80 РАСКО к руководителям, главным инженерам, главным метрологам организаций и предприятий, осуществляющих проектирование, монтаж, эксплуатацию и сервисное обслуживание узлов учета природного газа

Руководство по эксплуатации ДСП-80В РАСКО

Методика поверки

Информационное письмо от ООО "Эксперт- Сертификация"

Purpose and scope of application

Designed for measuring differential pressure of various gases that are nonaggressive to the used structural materials, including those on gas meters, gas filters, flow straighteners and other devices in order to monitor their technical condition and contamination level.

Differential pressure gauges are used in gas supply systems for household and industrial facilities and are connected to pressure tap points upstream and downstream of monitored gas equipment in compliance with Regulations ПР50.2.019-2006.

The operating principle of elastic-element pressure gauges is based on the dependence of deformation of sensible elements or forces developed by them due to pressure measurement. Herewith, forces or proportional to pressure or deformation are converted to determined indications as well as to a range of appropriate changes in output signals. Sensible elastic elements responsible for conversion of pressure to a corresponding proportional displacement of operating points are components of many differential pressure gauges and elastic-element pressure gauges.

Nowadays in modern industry similar devices are manufactured in various types: there are mechanical self-recording as well as indicating vacuum meters and vacuum pressure gauges, with single-coil tube springs.

It is also important that many indicating, self-recording and signaling differential pressure gauges with tube springs are devices of direct conversion. Pressure indicator units in them are converted in series into displacement of sensible elements and all mechanical indicating, recording or contact devices associated with them.

For example, spring-type indicating differential pressure gauges are created with upper limits of measured values from 0.1 MPa to 103 MPa, in compliance with a standard range. Thus, measurement range of 0.1/0 MPa is specific for spring-type vacuum meters, and for pressure gauges with lower measurement limits it is close to 0.1 MPa, herewith, upper measurement limits by gauge pressure begin with 0.1/2.5 MPa.

Indicating reference spring-type pressure gauges belong to accuracy class 0.15; and with them 0.4/0.25; operating ones 2.5/1.5/4, operating ones with high accuracy – 1/0.6. Those flowmeters operating with restrictive devices and having a pressure gauge part, that records statistical parameters of pressure – up to 32 MPa, and having integrators for summing up flowrates, are called differential pressure gauges.

Our plant manufactures differential pressure gauges equipped with pneumatic transducers and a signaling device. Upon recording the indications, the chart paper, like in МТС pressure gauges, is driven using a synchronous motor or a clockwork mechanism. Upper measurement limits from 6.3 kPa/0.16 MPa are specific for them at indications of operating pressure of 32 and 16 MPa, accuracy class 1.5/1.

General specifications

Upper range limit of differential pressure, kPa

1; 1.6; 2.5; 4; 6; 10; 16; 25; 40

Accuracy classes

1,5; 2,5; 4 (indicator version)

Maximum allowable operating gauge pressure, MPa

0.6; 1; 1.6

Operating medium temperature

from minus 30 to plus 60°С

Climatic version:

У3 – for operation at a temperature from minus 40 to plus 70°С and relative humidity up to 98% at the temperature 35°С

IP rating


Weight, kg, maximum

- 2.8 (with valve block)

Overall and attachment dimensions 

ДСП-80 с кмч рис.1.jpg

ДСП-80 с кронштейном рис2.jpg

ДСП-80В присоед. разм рис.3.jpg  


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трубка соед рис.5.jpg
 D  d, мм  L, мм
 М12х1,5     5    3
 М20х1,5     6    5
 G 1/2-B     6    5