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Consulting Services

                                                                      Dear colleagues,

PJSC “Saransk Instrument Works” presents compliments to you and offers cooperation on a commercial basis, on consulting and practical use of lean manufacture tools at industrial sites of our plant.

 Since 2012, PJSC “SIW” has been implementing the system of lean manufacture based on the principles of Toyota production system. It’s aimed at improving productivity and efficiency of the plant operation at the level of industrial and administrative processes. In order to achieve this aim, we use lean manufacture tools at our plant, such as: Kaizen, 5S, Standardized work, VSN-analysis, 5 why?, TPM, Poka-yoke, SMED, etc.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge regarding the use of lean manufacture tools with you!

In case of any questions, please, contact us at the address:

PJSC “SIW”, 9, Vasenko Str., Saransk

Tel. 8(8342)296-422

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