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Indicating pressure gauges ДМГ-60

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Свидетельство об утверждении типа СИ

Свидетельство СИ ДМГ-60

Руководство по эксплуатации

Designed for:

for measuring gauge pressure of air and non-aggressive gases.

General specifications

Upper range limit, kPa

6; 10; 40

Accuracy class

1.5; 2.5

Climatic version

У3, for operation at a temperature from minus 50 to plus 60°С and values of air relative humidity 98% at 35°С and lower temperatures with no moisture condensation

Weight, kg, maximum


Overall and attachment dimensions 

Манометры показывающие ДМГ-60


When ordering, it is required to specify the following:

  1. Description
  2. Designation
  3. Upper values of indication range
  4. Accuracy class
  5. Climatic version
  6. ТУ designation

Example of an order

Indicating pressure gauge for climatic version У3 with an upper range limit of 6 kPa, accuracy class 1.5, with threaded nozzle (Fig. 20 GOST 2405):

“Indicating pressure gauge ДМГ-60-6 кПа-1,5-У3 ТУ 4212-118-00227471-2005”;

Indicating pressure gauge for climatic version У3, for export, with an upper range limit of 40 kPa, accuracy class 1.5, with unthreaded connection for tubing (connection typical size 4-01 GOST 25165), nozzle diameter 6.5 mm:

“Indicating pressure gauge ДМГ-60-40 кПа-1,5-У3-Э-Б1 export
ТУ 4212-118-00227471-2005”.