Membrane indicating draft gauges ТмМП-100-М1, head gauges НМП-100-М1, draft-head gauges ТНМП-100-М1, differential pressure draft gauges ДТмМП-100-М1, differential pressure head gauges ДНМП-100-М1, differential pressure draft-head gauges ДТНМП-100-М1

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Руководство по эксплуатации

Руководство по эксплуатации (исполнение Кр)

Designed for:

- measuring vacuum gauge and gauge pressure as well as differential vacuum gauge and gauge pressures

- of air and nonaggressive gases;
- of gaseous aggressive media with hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide content (version “Астр”);

General information on membrane indicating draft gauges

Membrane indicating draft gauges can be various. The most popular is liquid draft gauge with inclined glass tube, it is called an inclined tube manometer. Our plant also manufactures U-tube draft gauges and membrane indicating draft gauges ТНМП and ТМП type.

Liquid draft gauge is generally used for laboratory and check measurements, it can be filled with various liquids – mercury, water, colored alcohol, etc.The simplest draft gauge consists of a glass U-shaped curved tube and a scale with millimeter divisions.

Liquid is filled to the lower part of the tube, herewith, its level becomes equal in both draft gauge leg pipes (law of communicating vessels). Draft gauge with inclined tube, in addition to the inclined tube itself, has a cup reservoir connected to it and a dial with millimeter divisions.

It is mandatory to install the draft gauges and to conduct measurements in such locations where ambient temperature does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. Also it is not recommended to use liquid draft gauges and at negative temperatures. Devices shall be installed in places accessible for maintenance and well lighted. It is important for longer term of operation.

In addition to draft-head gauges and liquid draft gauges, our plant manufactures their membrane versions. These devices comprise a thin-wall metal capsule connected to a lever mechanism with an arrow moving along the scale. Upon interaction of the membrane capsule with a pressure below or above the atmospheric pressure, it sags moving the arrow along the scale. Results are calculated in millimeters of water column.

Calibration of draft gauges is very important, it is conducted using a U-tube draft gauge, if indications above 150 mm of water column are needed, if indications below are needed – a draft gauge with inclined tube is used. Calibration using a liquid draft gauge shall be conducted twice a year.

The device shall be subjected to the state verification and further stamping once a year. Calibration can be conducted under laboratory conditions, as well as on the site. If any deviations are detected in indications of the operating draft gauge compared to the reference one, an appropriate correction shall be made in these indications. You can purchase our membrane indicating draft gauges certified by all the necessary calibration tests.

General specifications










Accuracy class




-0.4 to 0

-0.6 to 0

0 to +0.4

0 to +0.6

-0.2 to +0.2

-0.3 to +0.3


-1 to 0

-1.6 to 0

-2.5 to 0

-4 to 0

-6 to 0

-10 to 0

-16 to 0

-25 to 0

-40 to 0

0 to +1

0 to +1.6

0 to +2.5

0 to +4

0 to +6

0 to +10

0 to +16

0 to +25

0 to +40

-0.5 to +0.5

-0.8 to +0.8

-1.25 to +1.25

-2 to +2

-3 to +3

-5 to +5

-8 to +8

-12.5 to +12.5

-20 to +20

1.5; 2.5-1.5-2.5; 2.5

Maximum allowable operating vacuum gauge or gauge pressure, and differential pressure (for differential pressure gauges) shall not exceed the measuring range.

Overall and attachment dimensions 
рис. 1 ДНМП-100-М1.jpg
рис. 2 ДНМП-100-М1 исп. Астр.jpg

Climatic versions

У3 – for operation at a temperature from minus 50 to plus 60°С and relative humidity up to 98% at 35°С;
T3 – for operation at a temperature from minus 25 to plus 55°С and relative humidity up to 100% at 35°С.
У2 – for operation at a temperature from minus 50 to plus 50°С and relative humidity of 98% at 35°С (ДНМП-100П)
OM – for operation at a temperature from 0 to plus 60°С and relative humidity up to 100% – (ДТНМПКр-100)
Weight is 0.8 kg as maximum
1 kg as maximum for “П” version
0.9 kg as maximum for “Кр” version


When ordering, it is required to specify the following:
1. Description
2. Designation
3. Measurement limit
4. Unit of measurement
5. Accuracy class
6. Climatic version
7. ТУ designation

Example of an order

Head gauge with an upper range limit of 10 kPa, accuracy class 1.5, version У3:

“Head gauge НМП-100-М1-10кПа-1,5-У3 ТУ 25-7305.016-90”. 

The same for “Астр” version.

“Head gauge НМП-100-М1-10кПа-1,5-У3-Астр ТУ 25-7305.016-90”.

Head gauge with an upper range limit of 10 kPa, accuracy class 2.5, version УЗ, export, with a phosphor-covered scale. 

“Head gauge НМП-100-М1-10кПа-2,5-У3-Э-Л ТУ 25-7305.016-90”.