Pressure indicator units ИД-1 (with pressure heads ПД-1)

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Pressure indicator units ИД-1 are intended for remote monitoring of the gauge pressure of liquids in fuel supply, lubrication and cooling systems for internal combustion engines, and also can be used in other systems requiring remote monitoring of the gauge pressure of nonaggressive liquids and gases.

Pressure indicator units consist of pressure head ПД-1 and pressure indicator УД-800/1 or УДМ.

Pressure heads and pressure indicators can be supplied separately.

Indicator units for a pressure up to 1.5 MPa may be equipped with flexible hoses.

Hose length is selected from the range of 550, 650, 700 and 800 mm, and is specified in the order.

As required by the customer, hoses may be supplied separately.

General information:

Pressure indicator units are generally intended for remote check of gauge pressure of liquid substances in fuel feed, cooling and lubrication system of internal combustion engines. They can be used in other systems, where it is necessary to remotely monitor the gauge pressure of gas and non-aggressive liquids.

Such indicator units manufactured at our plant comprise: pressure head and pressure indicator УД-800/1 or УД-801/1.
Pressure indicator units can be operated at ambient air temperature values -65 to +75oC – for pressure heads, and allowable values for relative humidity indicators are -60 to plus 60oC.

As to environmental protection rating, the indicator unit shall have IP53 rating, and the pressure head – IP55 as per GOST 14254.

Purchasing pressure indicator units it is necessary to pay attention to technical characteristics. Upper measurement limits of indicator units may vary from (6) 0.6to (15) 1.5 MPa (kgf/cm2).AC consumed by the pressure indicator units shall not exceed 0.15 A.Limits of the basic allowable error, in % from the upper measurement limit are close to ± 4.

Variations of indicator values shall not exceed the absolute values of the limits of basic allowable errors. It is also preferably, that length of the cable connecting the pressure head to the indicator along the route is equal to 600 cm.
Our indicator units are resistant to vibration exposure at frequency 20/80 Hz with amplitude of 1 mm as maximum, at acceleration to one hundred m/s2– for pressure heads, and 150 cm/s2– for indicators.

The pressure indicator units manufactured withstand the exposure of 2,000 impacts and acceleration from one hundred m/s2, with pulse duration to 10/15 ms.
Operating principle and design of pressure indicator units.

In indicator units, the indicator and the pressure head are connected between each other using a wire with cross-section over 0.35 mm2. The pressure head itself is connected using a flexible hose to the nozzle of the facility mains, through the hole of which pressure is supplied to the cavities of receiving unit.

Further, indications of measured pressure are transferred to a manometric spring, and it results in displacement of its unsecured ends. Displacement of an end of this spring using a draw rod and a mechanism is transferred to a block with brushes: the brush (moving contact) starts to move along the potentiometer. Due to this, values of electrical resistance vary, in particular, its value corresponds to determined values of measured pressure.

General specifications


Upper range limit, MPa

Operating measuring range, MPa




Allowable basic error limit of pressure indicator unit, %, as maximum:

- in case of kit delivery (pressure head with pressure indicator unit)

±4 (within the operating range),
±6 (within the rest of range)

- is case of completing by the consumer using the pressure heads and pressure indicator units received separately


DC power voltage, V

Power consumption of the pressure indicator unit, V•А, as maximum


Length of connecting cable between the pressure head and the pressure indicator unit along the route, m, as maximum


As per environmental resistance indicator units comply with versions УХЛ2.1 or В2.1 as per GOST 15150-69, for operation at a temperature from minus 60 to plus 75°С – for pressure head, and from minus 60 to plus 60°С – for pressure indicator unit, and relative humidity (95±3)% at temperature of 35°С.

Weight is 0.8 kg as maximum.


When ordering, it is required to specify the following:

  1. Description
  2. Designation
  3. Upper measurement limit, power voltage
  4. Designation of flexible hose (as per the order)
  5. Climatic version designation
  6. ТУ designation

Examples for ordering the indicator unit and its components

Indicator unit ИД-1 with an upper range limit of 1.5 MPa, voltage 27 V, kit К1, climatic version and placement category УХЛ2.1:

“Pressure indicator unit ИД-1-1,5 МПа-27-К1-УХЛ2.1 ТУ 25-02.110331-84”;


Pressure head ПД-1 with an upper range limit of 1.5 MPa, voltage 27 V, kit К3, climatic version and placement category УХЛ2.1:

“Pressure head ПД-1-1,5 МПа-27-К3-УХЛ2.1 ТУ 25-02.110331-84”;


 Indicator unit ИД-1 with an upper range limit of 1.5 MPa, voltage 24 V, kit К1, climatic version and placement category В2.1, with a damper

“Pressure indicator unit ИД-1-1,5 МПа-24-К1-В2.1.Д ТУ25-02.110331-84”;


Indicator unit ИД-1 with an upper range limit of 1.5 MPa, voltage 24 V, kit К2, with a 650 mm long flexible hose, climatic version and placement category В2.1

“Pressure indicator unit ИД-1-1,5 МПа-24-К2-Ш650-В2.1 ТУ 25-02.110331-84”;


pressure head ПД-1 with an upper range limit of 1.5 MPa, voltage 27 V, kit К3, climatic version and placement category УХЛ2.1, when supplied for export

“Pressure head ПД-1-1,5 МПа-27-К3.УХЛ2.1.Э ТУ 25-02.110331-84”

Overall and attachment dimensions

Overall and attachment dimensions of pressure indicator УДМ, УД-800/1 are ø60х115 mm.

Overall and attachment dimensions of ПД-1 pressure head are 58х80х120 mm. 

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