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Electro-pneumatic positioners ЭПП, ЭПП-Ех

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Сертификат соответствия

Паспорт ЭПП, ЭПП-Ех

Руководство по эксплуатации


Electro-pneumatic positioners ЭПП, ЭПП-Ех (hereinafter – ЭПП, ЭПП – Ех) are designed to reduce the misalignment of stroke and increase the rapidity of one- and two-way piston reciprocating and rotating pneumatic actuators and membrane pneumatic actuators in automatic process regulation or remote control systems in oil refining, petrochemical, gas, cryogenic and other industrial sectors.

ЭПП-Ех shall operate with passive IS barrier БИП-1 (hereinafter – БИП-1) as well as IS barriers БИП-1 (intrinsic safety) similar to БИП-1 with appropriate scope of application and with Ех-marking [Ex ia Ga]IIC, ensuring intrinsic safety of the ЭПП-Ех positioner input circuit and installed outside the explosion hazard area.

ЭПП-Ex shall have Ех-marking “0Ex ia IIC T6 Ga X” with protection level Ga (“extra-explosionproof”) of electrical equipment group II and protection type “intrinsic safety “ia” for application in explosive gaseous atmospheres, containing subgroup IIC gas, with maximum surface temperature below 85°С, with extended range of ambient air temperature from -50 to +60°С, shall comply with requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 012/2011 “On equipment safety for operation in explosive atmospheres”, GOST 31610.0 (IEC 60079-0:2011), GOST 31610.11 (IEC 60079-11:2011), GOST IEC 60079-14, GOST, and intended for installation in indoor and outdoor explosive areas of class 0.1 and 2 as per GOST IEC 60079-10-1 according to Ех marking, requirements of PUE-99 (“Electrical Installations Code”) Chapter 7.3, and other regulatory documents governing the application of electrical equipment in explosive areas.

The transducer has corrosion-resistant version ЭП-Ех-Ор intended for operation in an environment containing up to 10 mg/m3 of hydrogen sulfide and (or) sulfur dioxide and, in emergency situations (for 3–4 hours), up to 100 mg/m3 of hydrogen sulfide and (or) sulfur dioxide up to 200 mg/m3.

Versions of electro-pneumatic positioners:

  • as to mechanical resistance – vibration resistant and vibration-proof version with version group N3 as per GOST 12997-84;
  • as to environmental protection rating – input device and envelope of the electro-pneumatic positioner have IP54 rating as per GOST 14254-80;
  • as to environmental protection rating, electro-pneumatic positioners ЭПП-“Ор”, ЭПП-Ех-“Ор” are corrosion-resistant and intended for operation in an environment containing up to 10 mg/m3 of hydrogen sulfide and (or) sulfur dioxide and, in emergency situations (for 3–4 hours), up to 100 mg/m3 of hydrogen sulfide and (or) sulfur dioxide up to 200 mg/m3;
  • as to resistance to the ambient air temperature and humidity exposure, electro-pneumatic positioners comply with climatic version У1 as per GOST 15150-69, version group Д3 as per GOST 12997-84, for operation at a temperature from minus 50 to plus 60°С and relative humidity of 95% at 35°С; for supply to regions with tropical climate – with climatic version Т2 as per GOST 15150-69, for operation at a temperature from minus 25 to plus 60°С and relative humidity of 100% at 35°С.

General information

Electro-pneumatic positioners are devices belonging to follow-up system regulators. They are responsible for ensuring the set coordination of positions for pneumatic actuators with rotation or progressive action (for controllable values) and command signals (setting these values). Such values depending on the set operating mode can be represented as an analog DC signal, a command transferred using digital exchange channels, or a task manually introduced by the operator.

Operating and functioning principles of positioners manufactured at our plant. Structurally, they comprise three units: electronic unit, electro-pneumatic unit, and unit responsible for feedback.

Electro-pneumatic unit of the positioner is a discrete double-channel and two-stage amplifier, a king of converter; its first stage is fitted with electric valve, and the second one – single-membrane amplifier. Power supply of actuators in relief mode as well as in pressurization mode, are ensured thanks to a combined output of second stages.

Feedback units included into electro-pneumatic positioners, can be used for delivery of electric signals proportional to a current position of actuators. Such units are made based on rotary potentiometers and gear single-stage reducers.

Purchasing electro-pneumatic positioners, it is important to study well their technical characteristics. Managers of our specialty stores representing a wide range of our products are always ready to help you with your choice.

General specifications

Variation range for DC input pneumatic signal:

for barrier БИП-1: 0–5; 0–20; 4–20 mA;

for electro-pneumatic positioner: 0–5; 0–20; 4–20 mA.

Variation range for input DC signal received from intrinsically safe outputs of БИП-1 barrier: 0–5; 0–20; 4–20 mA.

Input resistance depending on the variation range for input signal, as maximum:

580±30 Ohm – for the range of input signal 0–5 mA;

115±15 Ohm – for ranges of input signals 0–20; 4–20 mA.

Supply air pressure for electro-pneumatic positioner is 250, 400, 600, 630 kPa.

Allowable error of supply air pressure from the rated value is ±10%.

Supply air contamination classes are 1 or 3 as per GOST 17433-80.

Contents of hydrogen sulfide in supply air of electro-pneumatic positioners ЭПП-“Ор”, ЭПП-Ех-“Ор” up to 10 mg/m3 and (or) sulfur dioxide up to 10 mg/m3 are allowed.

It is recommended to use an air pressure stabilizing filter ФСДВ for supply air preparation for electro-pneumatic positioners.

Positioners with reciprocating motion of the actuator output shaft ensure the nominal stroke of actuator, corresponding to a range of 10; 16; 25; 40; 60; 100 mm. Electro-pneumatic positioners for rotary actuators have the angle of output shaft rotation equal to 90°.

Accuracy class is 1.0.

The limit of allowable basic error, expressed in percent of the nominal stroke, shall not exceed ±1.0.

Supply air pressure, kPa

Supply air flow rate for one-way electro-pneumatic positioners, m3/h, as maximum

Supply air flow rate for two-way electro-pneumatic positioners, m3/h, as maximum










Maximum air flow rate at the output of electro-pneumatic positioner in transient mode at an supply air pressure of 400 kPa is 18 m3/h. – page 111 of the Catalog

Weight of electro-pneumatic positioners (with no regard to installation parts), as maximum, kg:

  • one-way action – 2.3;
  • two-way action – 2.5.


When ordering, it is required to specify the following:

  • Description
  • Designation
  • ТУ designation

See the device certificate at page 3 for the legend. Certificate is located near the photo of positioner ЭПП.

Example of an order

ЭПП one-way positioner, input signal range 0–20 mA, supply pressure 400 kPa (4.0 kgf/cm²), for МИМ-400-ППХ, nominal stroke of the output element of 60 mm, climatic version У1 (export), set for back stroke:

“ГСП. Positioner ЭПП-1.0-20мА.400кПа.12.У1Э ТУ 311-022-7471.030-93 with back stroke”.

positioner ЭПП-Ех, corrosion-resistant version, two-way action, input signal range 4–20 mA, supply pressure 250 kPa (2.5 kgf/cm²), for piston actuator, nominal stroke of the output element of 100 mm, climatic version У1, with IS barrier БИП-1:

“ГСП. Positioner ЭПП-Ех-Ор-2.4-20мА.250кПа.4.У1 ТУ 311-022-7471.030-93 with IS barrier БИП-1”.– page 113 of the Catalog


If not specified in the order, one-way electro-pneumatic positioners are supplied set for forward stroke.

Overall and attachment dimensions 

Позиционеры электропневматические ЭПП, ЭПП-Ех