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Bellows units and assemblies

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Bellows units are intended for compensation of variations in pipeline length, release of vibration loads, pressurization of pipelines, prevention of pipeline failure and deformations.

A bellows unit provides efficient solutions to almost all problems related to pipeline deformation – temperature fluctuations, vibration, need for pressurization. Their installation allows minimization of the risk of deformation or complete failure.

A bellows unit is a component part of bellows pipeline valves where it serves for sealing purposes. It ensures that the working area is completely tight in relation to the environment and does not allow any leaks or emissions of the transported product into the atmosphere.

When used in the working conditions of hazardous chemical, oil and gas processing, nuclear, and other industrial facilities, bellows units guarantee biological protection of personnel and environment from exposure to active and hazardous products at a high and ultra-high pressure and temperature.

We are able to develop and manufacture bellows units as per individual requirements of the customer. Bellows units are manufactured specially for customers and enterprises of Moscow and Moscow region, and also for all regions of Russia.