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Passive IS barriers БИП-1

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Руководство по эксплуатации

IS barriers БИП-1 (hereinafter – БИП-1) are intended for ensuring intrinsic safety of circuits of electro-pneumatic transducers ЭП-Ех and electro-pneumatic positioners ЭПП-Ех that are located in an explosion hazard area.

БИП-1 bears the explosion-proof marking [Ехia]IIC with the protection type “intrinsic safety “ia” and with protection level “extra-explosion-proof”, complies with requirements of GOST, GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011, GOST R IEC 60079-11-2010 (IEC 60079-11:2011), GOST R IEC 60079-14-2008 (EC 60079-11:2011), and is designed to be installed out of indoor and outdoor explosion hazardous areas according to requirements of PUE-99 Chapter 7.3, PTEEP (“Regulations for Operation of Consumer Electrical Installations”) Chapter 3.4, and GOST R IEC 60079-10-1-2008.

Scope of application of БИП-1 includes process monitoring and control systems at petroleum, petrochemical, and fertilize industry enterprises, and in other industries associated with refining, receipt, use, or storage of explosive mixtures, gases or vapors with air.

General specifications

Parameters of power sources for secondary devices connected on the intrinsically safe side of the IS barrier (terminals 3–4):

  • AC mains voltage of 220 V;
  • AC mains frequency of 50 Hz.

Parameters of the communication line between the IS barrier and ЭП-Ех, ЭПП-Ех:

  • length is 1,000 m as maximum;
  • resistance is 25 Ohm as minimum;
  • inductance is 110-3 H as maximum;
  • capacity is 0.2510-6 F as maximum.Rated fuse current is 2010-3 A.

Leak current between input (output) and ground terminals of IS barrier:

  • at voltage of 3.5 V – 6010-6А as maximum;
  • at voltage of 4 V – 17010-6А as maximum.

Allowable short-circuit current between the terminals 3–4 of IS barrier is 11010-3 А.

Barrier actuation voltage does not exceed 6.5 V.

Climatic version Т2, for operation at a temperature from minus 50 to plus 50°С and relative humidity up to 100% at the temperature 35°С.

Weight is 0.07 kg as maximum.

Overall dimensions are 96х51х19 mm.


When ordering, it is required to specify the following:

  1. Description
  2. Designation
  3. ТУ designation

Example of an order

Passive IS barrier БИП-1:

“Passive IS barrier БИП-1 Т2 ТУ 31100227471.062-98”.