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Button valves VE-РАСКО

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Button valves of normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) versions.

Normally closed (NC) button valves are intended for short-term supply of pressure to pressure gauges (and other mechanical measurement devices) during measurement, and for subsequent pressure release (relief) upon completion of measurement. They ensure extension of the operational lifetime of pressure gauges by eliminating permanent exposure of the sensing element of the pressure gauge to pressure pulsations and by preventing premature wear of its measurement mechanism.

Normally open (NO) button valves are intended for continuous supply of pressure to electronic sensors and pressure transmitters during measurement, and for subsequent short-term pressure release, ensuring convenient zero checking.

They are used in gas distribution points (GDPt) and plants (GDP), gas supply systems for household and industrial facilities, ventilation and air conditioning systems, boiler houses, heat stations, compressor plants, and other process equipment.

General information

Similar products manufactured at our plant can be conventionally divided into several large groups.

Normally closed valves –button valves intended for short-term pressure supply to measurement mechanical devices; pressure gauges may be taken for example. When the valve button pressed, operating medium is supplied to the measurement device, that permits to measure pressure in the system. After such measurement, the button valve starts to relieve, and the flows of operating medium come across. Due to this, operational life of the pressure gauge increases. As there is no pressure having a permanent action to its sensible elements. Due to this fact, service life of such measurement mechanism as a pressure gauge is considerably prolonged.

There are also normally opened button valves. They are intended for continuous supply of (operating) medium to measurement elements of pressure gauge, that permits to monitor pressure of gas or liquid in the system. When the button pressed, operating medium is cut-off, and monitoring can be started from zero. If such button valve type is relieved, pressure in the system starts to recover.

Such products are often used in air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, gas distribution stations and plants, public gas pipelines, etc. The main advantages of button valves are as follows:

  • extended ranges of operating pressure;
  • enlarged ranges of temperature values for ambient as well as for operating medium. These valves can operate at a temperature +70о to -40оС;
  • installation can be made using various methods. Depending on conditions of their further use, design of the system, and some other factors, consumers can choose and purchase a valve with any fit type;
  • capability for operation in various media. Nowadays, air, argon, natural gas and any types of liquids and gas, non-aggressive to copper alloys, stainless steel, petrol- and oil-resistant rubber, can be considered as an operating medium for a modern button valve.

Purchasing button valves manufactured by our plant, you obtain high quality products at affordable prices. If you have any questions, our specialists are always ready to advise you.

General specifications

Measured medium

Air, natural gas, argon, and other gases and liquids that are nonaggressive to copper alloys, stainless steel, and oil and gasoline-resistant rubber

Maximum operating pressure, MPa

0.6 or 1.6 – for normally open valves

0.6 – for normally closed valves

Operating medium temperature and ambient temperature, °С


Structural design of input and output connection when the button is not pressed

NC – normally closed
NO – normally open

Coupling thread at the input D and output D1 (from the pressure meter side)

Input G1/2” – output М20х1,5-6H

Input G1/2 – output М12х1,5-8Н

Input G1/2 – output G1/4-А

Weight, kg, maximum

0.225 (0.6 MPa)
0.23 (1.6 MPa)


When ordering, it is required to specify the following:

  1. Description
  2. Designation
  3. Structural design
  4. Maximum operating pressure
  5. Coupling thread at the input
  6. Coupling thread at the output
  7. ТУ designation

Example of an order

The VE-РАСКО button valve of normally closed type, used at mains operating pressure up to 1.6 MPa, with attachment dimensions G1/2” for the mains (input) and М20х1,5 for measurement equipment (output); operating temperature range from −10 to +70°С:

“Button valve VE-РАСКО-НЗ-1,6-G1/2″-М20 ТУ 4212-134-00227471-2009”;

The VE-РАСКО button valve of normally open type, used at mains operating pressure up to 0.6 MPa, with attachment dimensions М20х1.5 for the mains (input) and М20х1.5 for measurement equipment (output); temperature range from −40 to +70°С:

“Button valve VE-РАСКО-НО-0,6-М20-М20-40 ТУ 4212-134-00227471-2009”. – page 76 of the Catalog

Leading Suppliers: JSC Research and Production Company RASKO, Moscow, JSC TC “Saransk Instrument Works”

Overall and attachment dimensions

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