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PS model


Производственная система ПАО СПЗ

SIWPS model that readily fit into the logo of our plant, is created for visual and better understanding of the philosophy, key principles and methods of SIWPS.

The keystone of SIWPS is people – personnel of the plant, studying, adhering to and supporting the system of ideas and values specified in the Code of conduct.

 The plant employees in the course of their permanent improvement at workplaces are striving to satisfy the consumer’s requirements to the product quality and to perform their work on time, at minimum expense.

Basic processes (marketing, production, quality, personnel, sales, innovations and design), requiring a special attention for ensuring their continuous improvement, are located in the core of model.

The plant personnel improves the general processes of the plant using the lean manufacture tools, such as 5S, СР, VSM, Kaizen, 5 why?, TPM, Poka-yoke, SMED, etc., in order to achieve its mission – creation of THE BEST DEVICES FOR THE WORLD TO MEASURE!